ML-05-02 Accessing Other Information and Services

Using your browser application, you can find information on anything. There are various “Search” applications you can use. Google Search is one of them, most people simply refer to it as “Google”. I can “Google” this and I can “Google” that they say. Google Search application is already installed on most mobile devices when they are purchased.

Using “Search” to find information

The Google Search application on your mobile device allows you to enter, one or more words, and these words are used to look in the Google Server’s Databases for information that matches your requests.

Google has made it possible to search in many languages. The better you present your question or search words, the better your chances of finding appropriate matching information. Examples could be to enter the following words:

  • Hospital
  • Emergency Hospital
  • Emergency Hospital Cape Town

The last example would give back information specific to Cape Town region, which would be more useful to someone living in Cape Town looking for an emergency hospital, then sharing information on hospitals in New York or Pretoria for example.

Google learns more and more about you and your interests as you use web services on the internet. The idea is that they can then better match information to your request if they know more about you and your interests, your location etc.

Going to web server sites whose names (addresses) you know

Just about company has a web site with a web address. All server on the internet make up what is known as the world wide web. This is why many web site addresses start with “www”. Today many sites can be addressed without the “www” in front of the rest of their address, but some may still need it. On business cards, web site addresses are shown. Using a browser, you simply type in the web site web address (for example ) and your browser gets the proper IP address to set up a connection to the server. The IP address is a couple numbers like which you would remember and may change over time).

If you were on a PC, some examples you may go to by entering their web address in your browsers address bar could include:

On mobile devices there are applications for all of these services. Working on a small screen with a browser is not that practical, so most companies offer an application for consumers, and if not, they hopefully offer a mobile device friendly web site format.