ML-04-04 Communication Applications – WhatsApp

Some basic tips for using WhatsApp services:

  • Use your full name, not a nickname, particularly if you may use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses or professionals. Many people won’t know you by your nickname. Make it easy to recognise you.
  • People who setup groups must manage them. Every group should have a description and a purpose. Only invite people to a group you setup based on the relevance of the group purpose. Make sure those you invite understand the purpose of the group and have an idea of who else is in the group.
  • Messages in a group chat should be about the purpose of the group. Do not share messages outside this purpose as it will frustrate other group members and they will leave the group. Remember that people cannot join a group without an invite, but they are always free to leave.
  • Messages in a group should be relevant to all members, and not for messages between two members only, or general broadcast messages that do not relate to the purpose of the group. Take one-on-one conversations out of the group.
  • Always be polite and respectful in a group. Use appropriate language and avoid negative social behaviour. Take conflicts out of the group, and deal with them personally.

In short, consider WhatsApp to be like a normal social group that happens in the real world. You need to respect others, behave in an acceptable manner, and you have right to accept or decline and invitation to a group. Join groups that are relevant. Leave groups that are not. When you leave, be courteous and say goodbye. You never know when you will meet again. If your behaviour on WhatsApp is unprofessional or offensive, recipients can report to WhatsApp and your service can be blocked.