ML-04-03 Communication Applications – Email

Some basic tips for using Email services:

  • Add yourself to your own Contact Database with all your correct details
  • Add a signature to all your emails that includes all your details
  • Ensure your contacts names are correctly spelt, as their names will appear when email addressed to them. Nobody likes their names to be wrong, it is a sign of disrespect.
  • Use To: address field for people you expect a response from
  • Use CC: address field (Carbon Copy) for people you wish to inform, but do not expect a response from
  • Use BCC: address field when you do not a person email address to be shared with others. This is important for marketing emails where you should not give customer information to others without their permission
  • Always have a Subject. If you don’t, people won’t know why to open your email, and many email system discard emails without subjects, as they may be considered as spam (bulk emails)
  • Emails are ideal for sharing legal and business information and records. Emails are kept and can be referred to in future correspondence.

In short, you can send emails to anyone whose email address you know. They can decide whether to open it and what to do with it. They can ignore it, delete it reply to it.

How well you use email will determine the nature of responses you get. Be courteous, professional and dignified in your communication. Your emails can be blocked, automatically deleted, flagged as spam if you do not use email effectively.