ML-03-02 Manage Your Contacts

There is one application on your mobile device for managing all your contacts and their information. This is a very important application as it captures the information needed by all other applications you use to communicate and interact with others.

Always make sure you capture the following information and keep it up to date:

  • Contact name (first name and last name) – Ensure correct spelling
  • Contact email (used by email app)
  • Contact mobile number (used by WhatsApp, Phone App, and SMS app)
  • Contact work phone number (if applicable, normally for calling a company)
  • Physical address (used by Map application to help you navigate)

There are many other information fields you can record, but the ones listed above are very important.

If you receive an email or message notifying you someone’s contact information has changed, update your contacts record immediately.

Make sure you capture phone numbers correctly and identify them as Work or Mobile.