ML-03-01 Manage Your Time

We all know that once time has passed, we cannot recover it. Our time is precious. We constantly balance our time and focus on our work, our families, our community and ourselves. Endless activities and commitments are talked about, agreed to and planned. Keeping track of this is difficult enough with the need to remember birthdays and other specials event.

It is useful to have a planning system, with records of activities, their location, date, time, duration and address. It is also useful to have our mobile device remind us, in advance of commitments coming up soon.

On your mobile device, when purchased, there is a calendar application. This calendar application should enable you to:

  • Put an activity on the calendar, give it a description, date, start time and duration
  • Perhaps schedule recurring events. This could include birthdays and anniversaries, as well as regularly scheduled weekly or monthly get togethers
  • Specify a location for the activity. This could work in conjunction with a map application to help you find the address, tell you how long you will need to travel to the activity

Calendar applications

Some calendar applications are relatively basic. More advanced applications allow for:

  • Inviting others to a meeting. This uses email to invite others and keeps track of who has accepted the invitation and who has not. It also allows for a change you make to the meeting information to automatically be sent to all who are invited.
  • Add notes to a meeting to ensure you remember why the meeting is being held, and perhaps what you need to prepare or take along.
  • Allow flexible repeat scheduling, how many times, the third Thursday of the month etc.

In the example above, one can easily see how to navigate to a particular date. Adding a meeting or activity requires certain information to be entered. Reviewing the activity or meeting shows all the detail. If you have been invited to a meeting you may be able to accept or decline the meeting, add notes etc.