DIM-00-03 Assessment Approach

Course Assessment Approach

Train the trainer sessions (DI-DIM-TTT)

Facilitators need to be able to handle questions from participants relating to the subject matter. As such, the assessment after completing the Train the Trainer session needs to be more extensive that it would be for members of the broader public attending the DI-DIM sessions.

Facilitators will be expected to demonstrate their understanding, and their ability to present and handle questions, by completing the following:

  •  Online digital assessment – Facilitators must complete online quizzes that may include multiple choice and essay questions. This is to be done after attending the DI-DIM-TTT workshop and after having reviewed course supporting online content.
  •  Online digital assignment – after completing the workshop, and reviewing all online content, facilitators will complete and submit required assignments using the online portal provided by UWC. Facilitators must submit evidence of their competence in the form of an assignment document and video recordings of themselves doing content delivery and handling of discussions.

Note: Before facilitators can deliver the course to the public, on behalf of UWC-Colab, they must go through the following steps:

  • Successfully complete the DI-DIM-TTT Course
  • Successfully participate in co-facilitation of one or more courses (as required by UWC-Colab) where they will be observed presenting parts of the public course and facilitating the interaction and questioning of public audiences.
  • Enter into a service provider contract with UWC-Colab.

No facilitation using the course content can be done outside of current UWC-Colab Service Provider contract terms.

Public audience sessions (DI-DIM)

No formal or summative individual assessment is done for public participants.

Public participants in the facilitated sessions are to be encouraged to engage actively in discussions during their session. The facilitator should assess understanding during interactions. Based on observations and participants’ feedback, future session delivery can be improved.

At the end of the workshops, feedback forms are to be completed, and a take home reflection exercise should be undertaken. Participants may be expected to complete an assignment or quiz on course completion.