CLE2.1-00-3 Suggested Reading Materials

Resources listed here are relevant to the course as a whole. Additional resources may also listed within specific lessons or activities.

For general use across multiple activities, please print out the following:

Please review reading materials before participating in the learning activities where they are referenced.

Develop Resilience – CHEC Workbook – 2020 v1.2

Learning Activity Reading / Video Note
CHE2.1-01 No Reading Will use Workbook – Self Reflection Worksheet
CHE2.1-02 Human Domain Model Will use Workbook – Self Development Worksheet
CHE2.1-03 Psychological Hardiness Will use Workbook
CHE2.1-04 No Reading Will use Workbook – Resilience Assessment
CHE2.1-05 The ABC Model Will use Workbook – Self Development Worksheet
CHE2.1-06 Anything is Possible video Watch before learning activity
  A-Z of Resilience Guide Will use Workbook – Self Development Worksheet
CHE2.1-07 No Readings  

Additional Readings

  1. Taking Time for Your Life – Cheryl Richardson
  2. The Positive Workbook – Mike Pegg
  3. Getting Past No – William Ury
  4. The Hungry Spirit – Charles Handy
  5. EmotionaII Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
  6. Working with Emotional lntelligence – Daniel Goleman
  7. Difficult Conversations – Stone/Patton/Heen
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Richard Carlson
  9. The last lecture – Randy Pausch
  10. The Lexus and the Olive Branch – ‘ Understanding Globalisation‘ Thomas L Friedman
  11. Playing to Win – Larry Hersh
  12. Mans search for meaning – Victor Frankel
  13. Self Development – David Megginson & Mike Pedler, McCraw-Hill,1992
  14. The Mind Map Book – Tony Buzan with Barry Buzan, Wyvern Business Library,1994
  15. Networking & Mentoring – A Women’s Guide – Dr Lily Segerman-Peck, Piatkus, 1991
  16. ln Search of Excellence – Peters/Waterman
  17. Developing Yourself, your Career and Your Organisation -John Burgoyne
  18. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven Covey
  19. Living the 7 Habits – Stephen Covey
  20. Coaching – Evoking excellence in others – James Flaherty