CLE1.4-00-1 Course Introduction

In this course participants are helped to manage themselves and others in a team. The key principles of group dynamics will be explored i.e. roles, patterns in group behaviour, and the group as a system. We will look at how the team leader manages him or herself, team development, building and sustaining healthy teams, managing power, rank and diversity in teams and finally, managing conflict in teams.

The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • Managing yourself in a team:
    • The logic of the psyche – the basic mechanisms of psychology;
    • The key principles of emotional intelligence;
    • The importance of self-awareness;
    • The role of anxiety in self-management;
    • The role of the individual unconscious;
    • Managing your defence mechanisms;
    • Managing your emotions;
    • Managing inner conflict;
    • Developing your self-awareness.
  • Managing relationships in teams:
    • The basic principles of team dynamics;
    • The impact of rank and power differences in teams;
    • Communication principles for healthy teams;
    • Guidelines for healthy workplace relationships in teams;
    • Containment skills to improve team relationships;
    • Conflict resolution skills.