NTCS | PFL3-00-2 Course Outcomes

Who should participate

  • Managers and Team Leaders
  • Individuals required to influence the performance of others – individuals or groups e.g. Project Team and Task groups

Learning Outcomes

  • How to agree team and individual Performance Expectations which combine the requirements of the job from the organization’s point of view and the individual’s needs for challenge and growth opportunities.
  • How to communicate to a the team and individuals how they are performing against specific objectives and performance standards (including leadership practices) with the objective of ensuring continuous learning and achievement of objectives
  • How to ensure the development and growth of the team and individuals as they work towards achieving agreed expectations including giving guidance and direction, providing instruction and training, and working with individuals on how they can go about a certain objective or skill.
  • How to monitor performance against agreed expectations to provide information for use in recognising achievements, giving feedback and developing strategies to solve problems and to identify coaching opportunities.

The Skills

  • To develop the leadership skills required in the ongoing process of directing the activities of individuals and teams towards the achievement of agreed goals, which support the overall goals of the organisation.