NTCS | FAC5-00-2 Course Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes

  • Why continuous learning is the only path to systemic sustainability
  • What core competencies are required to lead interactions with individuals, groups, teams and learning and an enhanced capacity for effective action
  • How to harness the creative and innovate capacity of individuals, groups and teams
  • How to achieve individual and team commitment / buy-in to goals and objectives
  • How to hold people accountable for their own performance
  • How to influence the achievement of goals and objectives without the use of authority
  • How to tap into the learning potential of all individuals
  • How to facilitate individuals, groups, teams and learning based on the nature of the system as a “whole”
  • How to facilitate the ongoing learning of individuals and teams
  • How to facilitate structure processes and emerging group processes 
  • Why conventional “training” and command and control approaches to interactions and leadership can’t achieve breakthrough results