NTCS | FAC5-00-1 Course Introduction

Who should attend

  • Team leaders and managers
  • Facilitators of learning
  • HR Practitioners
  • Process and Group Facilitators
  • Project Managers
  • Individuals required to influence others – individuals or groups

The Skills

Engaging ‑ How to explore with others the meaning of must know information and /or appropriate solutions to issues in a manner that encourages increased levels of participation, consciousness and capacity for action.

These skills are key in:

  • Facilitating team meetings.
  • Harnessing the creative capacity of team members.
  • Facilitating learning interventions
  • Group decision making and planning.
  • Agreeing team and individual performance expectations / deliverables.
  • Operating without the need for rank / positional power.

Enabling – How to create a positive and supportive environment while providing direction through guiding the group process to enable achievement of agreed objectives / goals / outcomes. 

These skills are key in:

  • Giving individuals and teams / groups space to deliver against agreed expectations.
  • Agreeing a process for monitoring performance and delivery.
  • Ensuring team members take responsibility for team and individual performance / learning.
  • Facilitating learning interventions.
  • Operating without the need for rank / positional power.

Coaching & Feedback – How to assist individuals or a team in their development as they work towards achieving agreed outcomes. It involves giving guidance and direction, and working with them on how they can go about achieving a certain objective(s) or developing a skill(s).

The Application

The Application – An Example

Leading Individual & Team Performance