NTCS | CF2-00-2 Course Outcomes Copy

The Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the different levels of coaching.
  • Understanding Coaching vs. Mentoring
  • Understanding characteristics of a effective Coach
  • How to apply the core CLEAR skills/behaviours and process to coaching situations.
  • How to use the core CLEAR skills/behaviours and process in giving feedback to others.
  • How to proactively coach individuals to ensure success in achieving tasks, objectives or develop a new skill.
  • How to initiate a coaching discussion to ensure future success and growth.
  • How to explore ideas and suggestions on what and how to go about something while ensuring that the individual takes responsibility for their actions.
  • How to give feedback to individuals which clearly reinforces the positive performance / behaviours used and identifies the development areas against the specific agreed criteria to achieve acceptable performance and behaviour.
  • How to reach agreement on the best solution(s) and tie down the details. o How to confront with care to achieve growth.