DIM-04-03 Bank Card Risk Prevention

Risks of physical card use:

  • Card information can be recorded – handing the card to another person allows them to see and record the information they need for using card details online. This can be photographed or written down for later use.
  • Card can be replicated or cloned – card skimmers capture information on card and this is used to reproduce a card. The person processing the transaction can knowingly, or unknowingly skim the card. In some cases, the ‘skimmer’ is a standalone mobile device which the person inserts the card into. This can be done by waiters, petrol attendants and other service personnel without being noticed. Continuing their service delivery by then processing your card as normal using the POS terminal, you will be unaware of the card skimming. In other cases, particularly in ATMs, a third party inserts a skimmer into the card slot. Some skimmers allow the transaction to complete and they recover the skimmer at a later time. If the skimmer prevents the transaction, many consumers, on experiencing problems, assume an ATM fault and go in search of another ATM. The skimmer has now captured your information, and in some cases even your PIN. Hidden cameras, or human observers may also note you entering your PIN.
  • Card can be stolen. This may be an obvious theft, or a theft that appeared to be someone assisting you and taking your card without being obvious.
  • Hidden cameras, or human observers may also note you entering your PIN.

Risk Prevention:

  • Do not leave card where it can be seen or stolen
  • Insert, swipe or ‘tap’ the card yourself
  • If you need to have someone process your card, do not let it out of your sight
  • Ensure nobody knows or sees you enter your PIN
  • Be on your guard if anything unusual occurs during a transaction
  • Immediately contact your bank and cancel card if card lost or stolen