CLE2.1-00-1 Course Introduction

Personal Leadership is about proactive personal “management”. Taking charge of our lives at this very difficult time. It’s about developing and adopting a personal vision for yourself that you are truly committed to in order to maximize your true potential. In the words of Deepak Chopra: “You believe that you live in the world, when in fact the world lives within you.” There is so much potential at your fingertips and it is up to you to find that within yourself and to decide how you are going to use it – nobody else can do that for you.

You need to understand why you think what you think and act in the way that you do! Dealing with the uncertainties and challenges of living and working in a world challenged by the fallout of the Covid pandemic, requires personal leadership. The true and deep transformation that is required for the long-term sustainability of organisations also requires personal mastery.

Why wait for any more life-changing events to shake you up and “tell” you that you need to effect changes in your life.

Workshop Content
How to lead/manage oneself to be personally effective. Accepting responsibility for personal growth and career advancement, initiating actions to improve knowledge, skills and performance.

Personal Insight
Accepting responsibility for own life, what has to be achieved and how to live it. Willing to acknowledge personal strengths and weaknesses. Being mindful of choices made. Willing to confront oneself with care. Recognizing and acknowledging own emotions. Recognizing that a “true” power is internally referenced. Know yourself, choose yourself, give yourself.

Personal Positioning
Acknowledging the behavior(s) and emotion(s) of others and having an awareness of the impact on oneself. Being aware of the impact of ones own emotions and behavior on others. Being mindful of the use of positional/external power..

Personal Planning
Having a clear personal vision. Setting personal goals for development and changes needed in own life. Being aware of the need for action.