CLE2.1-00-0 Course Introduction

This two-day elective course is based on the premise that resilience is a pattern of qualities and skills – a competency that leaders can develop. This in turn will help them turn stressful circumstances (potential disasters) into growth opportunities instead. Managers with a resilient attitude towards change have developed a solid, assured and secure sense of self. At the core of this confidence and assuredness is a fundamental belief that together we will be able to cope with whatever circumstances arise. This does not mean that they will not be thrown off balance from time to time by unexpected events and circumstances. However, they are able to deal with the unexpected, stay committed to relationships, and in general view change as a challenge and not a threat.

Considering the current situation including other challenges we face in our Academic institutions and having to work from home, this programme has been designed to support individuals to become more resilient and face their challenges with confidence and prepare them to become future fit.