CLE1.7-00-1 Course Introduction

Performance Leadership – What it is
Understanding Performance Leadership and the Managers / Team Leaders role in its implementation. The aims of Performance Leadership being to:

  • Agree job requirements, set individual and/or team objectives, performance and behavioural standards that align with the organization as a whole.
  • Empower individuals to perform optimally.
  • Gain role clarity.
  • Improve communication between team leaders and team members.
  • Agree and maintain acceptable levels of performance and behaviour.
  • Identify appropriate opportunities for development.
  • Give and receive continuous feedback on performance and development.

Engaging for Participation
Using appropriate interactive skills to explore with others the meaning of must know information and / or appropriate solutions to issues in a manner that encourages increased levels of participation, consciousness and capacity for action. How to apply these skills in performance leadership interactions with team members.

Enabling for Performance
Using appropriate interactive skills to create positive, safe environment while providing direction through guiding the group process to enable achievement of agreed objectives / goals / outcomes. It is about creating the initial conditions that lead to successful achievement. It is also about ensuring that individuals and teams are committed to achieve agreed goals and holding them accountable for delivery.

Coaching & Feedback for Success and Growth
Using appropriate interactive skills to assist individuals or a team in their development as they work towards achieving agreed outcomes. It involves giving guidance and direction, and working with them on how they can go about achieving a certain objective(s) or developing a skill(s).