CLE1.1-00-4 Suggested Reading Materials

Resources listed here are relevant to the course as a whole. Additional resources may also listed within specific lessons or activities.

Consider these as recommended readings:

  • Council on Higher Education 2016. South African higher education reviewed: Two decades of democracy. Pretoria.
  • DHET 2020. 2000 to 2017 First-Time entering undergraduate cohort studies for public higher education institutions. Pretoria (
  • DHET. Ministerial statement on the implementation of the University Capacity Development Programme through effective Management and utilisation of the University Capacity Development Grant 2018 – 2020.
  • DHET 2019. Ministerial Statement on University Funding 2020/1 – 2021/2.
  • Falqueto, J M Z ( 2019. Strategic Planning in Higher Education Institutions: What are the stakeholders’ roles in the process? Higher Education 79, 1039-1056.
  • Hayward, F M & Ncayiyana, D J 2003. A guide to strategic planning for African higher education institutions. CHET: Pretoria.
  • Deplrino, R J 2013. The human side of the strategic planning process in higher education. Chapter 3: The challenges of change as part of strategic planning. Planning for Higher Education Journal 4/4, 138-154.
  • Ahmed Essop, The Changing Size and Shape of the Higher Education System in South Africa, 2005-2017

Please review the following reading materials, specific to each session before participating in the learning activities where they are referenced.

Learning Activity Reading / Video
CHE1.1-01 No Readings
  • AG Lafefly and Roger Martin (2013), Playing to win. How strategy really works, Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.
CHE1.1-04 To be advised