Test Page – Stream Selection

Since introduced, a viewer can decide how to view multi stream videos by selecting the view of his/her choice at any time while viewing.

As the video plays, on mobile devices or in the embed element on a web page / LMS page, the viewer will see icons allowing for selection in the upper right window of the streaming content. Note these icons are only visible if there are multiple streams at the point of playback.

For video sessions recorded after stream selection was introduced (June 2021), the video allows for support of the feature after processing.

For video sessions recorded before stream selection was introduced (June 2021), the video must be reprocessed to allow for support of the feature.

Note that using the mobile app, this feature is also supported, as well as on downloaded videos processed after the introduction of the feature.

Newly Recorded, since stream selection introduced

Re-Processed Video, recorded before stream selection introduced

Not Reprocessed, Earlier video before stream selection introduced