ML-06 Using Applications for Self-Development to Improve Work Readiness

This lesson focuses on how to find relevant information, access “how to” videos and information that teach skills, and better equips individuals to find employment or improve their own chances of creating an income.

Participants will be exposed to applications that can help them find information and educational content to help them learn new skills and develop understanding of information that is relevant to their daily home and work lives.

As time passes, we all need to make sure that we are keeping up with the knowledge and skills we need, to deal with the demands of our personal and working lives.

Information, and demonstrations of how to do things, are readily available on the internet. Certain technology developments have made it possible for anyone to help others, by sharing information as text, images, or diagrams, and by posting videos online. Some technology developments that have made this possible include:

  • Search services, like Google Search ( enable us to find information on just about anything. Google gathers information from internet web servers and other sources and allows us to search this database of information to find what we are looking for.
  • Video streaming services make it possible to share videos with anyone else in the world. Google has made it possible for anyone to upload videos to YouTube. YouTube can be searched and videos that match the search request are then available for viewing on demand.
  • Having a Google email address means that you have a Google account and can access all Google services including YouTube.
  • Cameras and microphone are standard on mobile devices and many PCs
  • Recording a video has become really easy using mobile applications (camera)

So, if you need to find some information or learn a new skill there are many places you can go for help. With practice, you can learn how to search more effectively using the services that are available.

Examples of what you look for could include:

  • How to manage my money better using a budget
  • How to manage my time better
  • How to grow vegetables from seeds
  • How to remove stains from clothing and linen
  • How to wire a plug
  • Find recipes for preparing particular meals
  • Any other needs you may have…