ML-00 Mobile Literacy Course Introduction

Target Audience

This course aims to assist and empower citizens by exposing them to the opportunities, and risks, of using internet and mobile technologies purposefully in their own socio-economic contexts.

Potential participants should be exposed to the basic use of mobile devices, but may have concerns regarding their understanding and competency in using mobile devices and application services on the internet.

The initial focus of the course is to address Women in Townships and the use of mobile technology in their specific social and economic context.

The course can be dynamically adapted during presentation to address other social groups including SME business representatives, scholars, teachers etc.

Learning Outcomes

The course focuses on discussions and knowledge sharing that lead to understanding. Guidance is given to ensure participants will be able to apply what they have learnt.

On completing this course, public participants should understand:

  • Concepts related to computers, mobile devices and applications
  • Concepts related to the internet, cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks
  • Concepts related to Smartphone applications and Application Stores
  • How applications can be used to help with day to day activities and challenges
  • Opportunities and Risks in a Digital World

On completing this course, public participants should be able to:

  • Manage their Smartphone, Network Connections and Data Usage
  • Connect to Application Stores to locate and install applications
  • Use applications to manage money
  • Use applications to organise personal and work records
  • Use applications to communicate and interact effectively
  • Use applications to access government, health and other services
  • Use applications for self-education to improve work readiness

Course Materials

Course materials are provided in a digital form. These materials can be accessed from Smartphones, or from Personal Computers using an Internet Browser application. Participants may download and print as required. The material includes:

  • Course concept poster – Money Management in Precarious Conditions
  • Student Guide (this document)
  • Online lesson supporting resources (Online Learning Platform)

Course Content

A number of topics will be covered to help you achieve the learning outcomes of this module. It is important to study each of these sections to ensure that you expand your knowledge in the subject.

Mobile and Internet technology fundamentals
Using applications to manage money
Using applications to organise personal and work information records
Using applications to enhance security and communicate effectively
Using applications to access government, health and other social services
Using applications for self-development and to improve work readiness
Privacy Rights and Responsibilities in a Digital World