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Coaching & Feedback for Excellence

“Creating and Sustaining a High Performance and Learning Culture”

Coaching & Feedback is the skill of assisting individuals or a team in their development as they work towards achieving agreed outcomes.  It involves providing guidance and direction, and working with them on how they can go about achieving certain objective or developing a skill.

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance.

~ John Whitmore (2017)


Facilitated by:            

Ntinga Transformational Consulting Services


Course Coordinator: Cherie-Leigh Brown
Course Administrator: Cherie-Leigh Brown
Course Facilitators: Ria Wills

Ria Wills Biography

Ria Wills is a founding director of Ntinga Transformational Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd founded in 1994, and Transformational Consulting Services founded in 1992. NtingaTCS is a consultancy dedicated to working with organizations in their quest to achieve sustainability through continuous learning and the harnessing of the latent learning potential and creative capacity of their people.

One of her ardent passions is developing the internal capacity of organizations through helping others to develop the competencies required to embrace a culture of continuous learning and change. Ria’s experience lies in the facilitation of organizational learning, including facilitator and leadership development, learning intervention design and development, and whole system transformation. She has more than 35 years experience of working in the learning and leadership development arena.

She is a registered Generalist Practitioner with the South African Board of Personnel Practitioners and works on an ongoing basis with some of the top companies and academic institutions in South Africa. She also has extensive experience of working in sub Saharan Africa.