CLE3.1 Virtual Training Online

Digital Transformation is a broad subject. It can be discussed generally with respect to considerations across all industries, or specifically in the context of a single industry.

As digital technologies and services become pervasive, our classes, both face-to-face and online, become more connected. As teachers and learners use technology on their own or collaboratively, our interactions, as well as our access to content knowledge can be positively impacted. We can communicate and collaborate professionally as we continue our professional development.

In this course, we will focus on digital transformation considerations in education. Participants are challenged to consider where they are positioned with respect to their effectiveness in adopting and using technology to enhance their teaching. Various models and frameworks are presented. Once we understand our position, as well as the potential transformational value that may arise through effective technology adoption and application, we can plot our individual way forward.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this journey is that technology can facilitate innovation in our teaching approaches. As we are freed up to explore and optimise the alignment of technologies with pedagogical requirements, a new world can open up for us and our learners.