Application, Registration and Attendance


You may apply for the whole programme or any number of the courses by completing a Nomination Form. Forms are available from the Human Resources Department (Training and Development section) at your university, as well as on the CHEC website ( Please ask the head of your unit to approve your application, after which you should submit the completed application form to your staff development / training section.

You must apply before 28 February 2020 for all the courses that you want to attend. Late applications will only be considered if there are still places available, and should be submitted to your university’s training department, and not to CHEC. Your university is responsible for the selection of participants for each course, and CHEC does not play any role in this process.

Course Fees

The participation cost is R1500 (Vat Inclusive) per day for all courses. Each university’s training department will pay the course fees of its approved participants.

Registration, Cancellations and Attendance

Confirmation of Registration

Once your university has concluded the selection process, the CHEC CLE Programme Coordinator (Ms Eileen Arnold) will confirm your registration for each course with you. Please note that CHEC communicates only with selected participants. You should address all queries regarding the selection process to your university’s training department.

Maximum Number of Course Participants

Due to the nature of the courses, some courses have a limitation on the number of participants. The course information in this brochure provides information on the maximum number of participants.


Once you register, you may still cancel your registration provided that you do so no later than 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course. You should inform both your university’s training department and the CHEC Programme Coordinator of your intention to cancel your participation. Your university will be charged if you are absent, or if you cancel within 14 days, unless there are appropriate reasons for your inability to attend, such as medical or other family reasons. For some courses there is a waiting list, so please cancel if you cannot attend, as this could secure a place for someone on the waiting list.


Registered participants are required to attend the full course, as CHEC needs to report on participant attendance to each university’s training department.

NB: Only participants who attend the full course will receive a CHEC Certificate of Attendance.

  • Where a participant has to miss a short part of the course (no more than two hours) on a specific day for an unavoidable reason, the discretion as to whether the participant qualifies for a certificate of attendance lies with the facilitator;
  • Where the participant misses a substantial part of the course (such as a full day), they may complete the course in the following year at no additional charge in order to qualify for the certificate of attendance.